Personal training Sans Souci

Boutique-style training studio offering semi-private and personal training Sans Souci and surrounding areas.

With personal training (one on one) and semi-private training (2-3 people per trainer), we can focus on each client individually.

All training regardless if it’s semi-private or personal training focuses on each client individually specifically for their fitness levels and goals.

Regardless if you would like to tone up, lose weight or completely transform your body and health we can help you. We will teach you how to do exercises properly, focus on your technique and constantly motivate and push you so you can achieve your goals regardless of your fitness level and age.

We all have different goals, fitness levels, and body types. Before starting your training we will assess your weight, body fat %, metabolic rate, hydration levels, and posture so we could recommend you the best training protocol for you!

What we specialize in

Personal training is great for those people that don’t like gyms, or too many people around them while training.

Semi-private sessions are budget friendly and great for those that don’t mind a bit of company during the training. Since we only train 2-3 people per session we can focus on each individual separately without sacrificing the quality of the session.

Exercise is only 20% whiles your nutrition is the remaining 80%. That’s why we provide you with nutritional recommendations, healthy eating tips, as well as pre- and post-workout nutrition advice for free.

If you would like a specific nutritional plan based on your individual goals, and biochemical needs or to improve your general health and wellbeing click here our nutritionist can help you.

The minimum training commitment is 3 months unless specified otherwise based on the promotions we have.  You might be wondering why 3 months.

A wise person once said:

It takes 4 weeks for you to notice your body changing,
8 weeks for your friends to notice and 12 weeks for the rest of the world.

We want you to reach your goals, feel and look great and get a ton of compliments from your friends and family…and for us to help you achieve that we need some time (remember nothing good can be achieved in couple of days…unless you are a genetic freak or super lucky!)

All our sessions are either

30 min

30 min sessions are circuit style training that usually incorporates weights and HIIT. Those sessions are great for people that would like to lose a bit of excess fat and to improve their fitness levels. In the beginning, until you reach your goal we recommend 3-5 30 min training sessions per week, and for maintenance 2-3 30 min sessions per week.

60 min

60 min sessions are recommended for those that have serious goals like putting on more muscle mass and completely transforming the way they look. If you are looking to transform your body than we suggest 3-5 60 min training sessions per week, and for maintenance 2-3 60 min training sessions per week.

We have helped hundreds of men and women in our area to get fitter, slimmer, stronger, healthier and happier with our private and semi-private training sessions that are suitable for any fitness levels-even beginners.

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If you are ready to take the next step towards your health and wellbeing simply fill out the form at the bottom of this page and we will be in touch with you shortly to discuss your goals and tell you what is the best approach for YOU based on YOUR goals and fitness levels. 



What times are available for small group training?

We run small group training Monday-Friday 6-8 am in 30 min blocks. All other times are available for private training.

How many people are there in a small group training class?

Max 3 people per class as we want to focus on giving you the best possible results and personalized attention.

Can I just show up for the session?

Unfortunately no. Prior to starting training with us, we need to do fitness assessment to scan your posture, fitness levels and to find out bit information about you and your fitness goals. To book in your fitness assessment just get in touch with us. During the assessment, we will recommend the amount of the sessions you should do with us to help you achieve your goals.

Do you charge membership?

No, we do not charge for the membership.  We do charge for the sessions you do with us weekly via direct debit.

Can I come and train in your studio by myself or use your equipment unsupervised?

Our training studio caters only for a private and semi-private training session where all sessions are supervised by our highly qualified trainers.

What is the minimum amount of the sessions I can do with you, and do you have a contract?

To help you achieve your fitness goals we recommend anywhere between 2-5 training sessions with us per week. Minimum length of training is 3-month from the day you started training with us, after that period is finished you can stop training with us by providing up 2-week written notice to info@melasnt.com.au