New years resolutions and weight loss


Here we are again in this period between Christmas and New Year when we often find ourselves wondering what day it is googling how to achieve weight loss fast. Feeling a bit bloated, and lazy from overindulging in food and drinks. After contemplating all the resolutions we will start on the first of January. Usually, the most common resolutions people decide on are weight loss, getting fitter, or quitting smoking.

And so the next step that most people do is turn to the source of all knowledge aka Google search typing in words such as how to lose weight fast, how to get fitter in the new year etc. Now there is nothing wrong with deciding to be fitter, stronger or healthier. On the contrary, they are great decisions to make! Most people fail in being realistic about what they want to achieve.

What are the 2 most common NYE resolutions people make?

Since I am a nutritionist and a PT I will focus on 2 of the most common NY resolutions people make and what is the best approach to achieving and maintaining them.

1) Exercise

Exercising more is one of the most common resolutions people make. The most common mistake is they are not realistic or unsure of what they want to achieve. For instance, people who never exercised before decide they will exercise every day, and most fail because it’s hard to find the time. Or lose interest because it’s boring. After all, it’s not fun…but it could be!

My advice is to start slow. If you have never exercised before be realistic and start with 2-3 30 min exercise sessions per week to begin with. Once you are comfortable with that and this has become your habit then you can think about introducing more movement in your life.

Another thing I want to emphasise is that it’s important to have variety in life. Especially when it comes to exercise. If you keep doing 1 thing only (such as running) you will not benefit as much, could get bored of it fast and are more likely to give up. I would recommend trying out pilates, yoga, strength training, swimming, etc. If you are not sure how to start then consider hiring PT that will be able to guide you and teach you how to exercise safely and achieve your goals.

2) Weight loss.

When people say they want to lose weight there is soo much more that hides behind that statement. From my experience often when people say they want to lose weight what they mean is: they want to feel better, look better, have more energy, be able to move easier, tie their shoes effortlessly, and not feel bloated… and so they turn back to google search and type in weight loss diets, lose weight fast, juice detox, Hollywood diets in their search for the perfect diets…and than most fail after couple days for various reasons.

Instead of resolutions try this …

Ditch the diets! Focus on health, and give your body what it needs. By following this approach you will lose weight gradually without restrictive diets and starvation. You will also have more energy, and feel better. To clarify when I wrote to give your body what it needs what I mean is wholesome nutrition full of fresh produce, plenty of fresh veggies and fruit, water, sleep, exercise and good stress management. It is that simple, there is no need for complicated restrictive diets that do more harm to you and your body than good.

To summarize this year instead of focusing on weight loss and setting unrealistic goals focus on getting healthier and happier by implementing small and achievable changes in your everyday life that can be sustained for the long term.

If you need help with improving your health and well-being and are not sure what to do get in touch.


Mirela Simic-nutritionist and PT